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Propane Sankey

Yet another bull point on propane. The Morning Sankey goes down the rabbit hole. New York City has made outdoor dining permanent, and the City has lifted the post-911 ban on propane canisters in Manhattan (welders were excepted). With indoor dining limited to 25% capacity, operating restaurants are dependent on outdoor dining, and there has been a scramble to buy propane heaters. My neighbour manages three restaurants and said he was about to buy 15 […]

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10:02 AM

Sunday Sankey 9/20/20

Good day! A chill September wind is blowing across Brooklyn Heights, as summer officially ends and fall very much starts. The market is feeling chills too, with COVID continuing to present a major challenge to policy-makers globally. We remain extremely frustrated by the excessive lock down requirements in New York despite effectively zero COVID. With massive testing, less than 1% positives are being found, and essentially no deaths (statistically speaking). This past week we quoted […]

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11:37 AM

US Natgas Suffering

The US natural gas market enjoyed a surge of optimism at the depths of the COVID crisis, on hopes that lower US E&P activity would temper excess supply of associated gas, produced from super-charged US E&Ps pursuing oil production growth. Already as of last year, Permian (WAHA Hub) prices were negative on lack of takeaway capacity vs available excess supply. Although one bull trend, of exports to Mexico, has held up brilliantly in the 2020 […]

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4:18 PM
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