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Today: bad news, I’m negative antibodies. Also this morning we feature Apache Suriname, as the market awaits news that could be big for Apache, Hess, and to an extent TOTAL and ExxonMobil.

When there’s a shooting in Brooklyn, given I live in Brooklyn, quite often I check the location of the shooting. Now of course life is all about perspective, and you have to remember that with 2.5m residents, Brooklyn is the 3rd largest city in the US, ahead of Houston, trailing only NY, the Windy City, and LA.

NY Daily News 6/29/20: A relentless killer laid in wait Monday evening for a cabbie’s passenger in Brooklyn and opened fire, nearly killing the terrified driver, then chased his quarry down the block and executed him in the street. The gunman, armed with a high-caliber weapon, was waiting for the 21-year-old victim as his cab pulled up on Dean St. near Schenectady Ave. in Crown Heights.

I checked the location, 4.4 miles away, and moved on. These things are little things I track.

Patricia then announced we were to have a free NY State-sponsored antibody test, to confirm her belief that she had COVID at peak COVID. Which would mean I had it too. She had symptoms of chest pain, breathlessness. I say that the difficult thing for me is that I have had all the symptoms of COVID for the past 10 years.

While we were very early in being very careful with COVID – washing hands, avoiding contact – were were not wearing masks during the “peak week” in the run up to the March 13th lockdown. And we were all over the City. Like tourists from Europe. Just off the bat, we were both taking the subway to work, Patricia walking through Penn Station twice a day, just about the most festering place in Manhattan after the Port Authority Bus Terminal. We visited the Tenement museum (it was one star, expensive, not worth it) and we were packed onto the Edge, the new skyscraper viewing deck in Hudson Yards on its opening night, Wednesday 11th March, literally as President Trump announced a travel ban to Europe. Around that time we both got sick, or at least she did and I was coughing a lot. Long story short, we must have been exposed.

So finally this week, she makes an appointment for us to get the antibody test, and when it comes to the Uber she gives me the address “920 Pacific Street”, I’m like “Great” thinking, looking at the map – that’s a couple of blocks from where the guy was running down the street shooting an assault rifle yesterday. “Why did you choose this location for the test?” I asked. She replied simply “It is the closest to us.”

Source: Google Maps

Of course, everything was fine, the testing center was a public school, 6 testing stations with zero other people getting tested at 5pm. Everyone was so courteous. I was mildly shocked to find they were going to draw blood. Was a time, I hated that, but now I can handle it. Its just I expected a nasal swab. Service was by Bioreference Labs and the guy thought NY State was paying but was not sure.

We then picked up a Revel electric scooter for the ride home, noting it had just 12% battery and setting off merrily through some rough areas. The electric scooter is a fantastic thing, fun, quick, and convenient. Patricia throught she was going to faint because her arm bled more than is usual, which added, with the low battery, to the excitement of riding through Crown Heights to Flatbush.

That was Tuesday, yesterday I get to read this: ABC Eyewitness News: FLATBUSH, Brooklyn (WABC) — Police in Brooklyn are investigating four shootings that happened in just over 90 minutes in Flatbush and Crown Heights and a total of six in all on Tuesday as shootings continue to spike across New York City. The victims include an 11-year-old boy who was shot while playing outside of his home in Flatbush.

Was it worth the risk? 1/19/20 NY Post Scooter-sharing service Revel is racking up injury lawsuits months after launch.

Year to date for the entire 8m person NYC, there have been 166 murders as of 21 June, up from 134 in 2019 same period (+23.9%) but actually -81% from 27 years ago. Murders are not just by getting shot, of course. There have been 531 shooting victims overall. For the entire NYC there have been 91 traffic fatalities, lower this year on less traffic by -12%. Of those, 21 in Brooklyn. COVID in King’s County, which is Brooklyn, now stands at 5,495 deaths, second highest in the country after Queens.

So you can safely say my chances of dying from COVID were 10x getting shot and 260x getting killed in traffic. The problem is, I tested negative for the antibodies, and so did Patricia.

A big block of Apache (APA) shares traded yesterday – just about 3% of the company of 10.8m shares at $13.50 a share, which was interesting with the breathless anticipation of their latest Suriname well. The stock closed down 3.75% at $13. See our note on Apache this morning.

Morning Sankey