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Quote of the day: Miami is a melting pot in which none of the stones melt. They rattle around. – Tom Wolfe

Paul Sankey

Sunday Sankey 2/28/21

One great business for sure is going to be lubricants for windmills. Guess who dominates the specialty oil lubes for windmills market? ExxonMobil. Guess who has their annual analyst day this week? ExxonMobil. March 3rd 9am Eastern, we get the latest iteration of The Big Unit’s story. Will they, like $EOG, get attracted like a moth to the flame of promising growth? We suspect ExxonMobil will, not that we have a problem with their Guyana

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Paul Sankey

Sunday Sankey 2/21/21

Enjoyed making the slides today, take a look. Slide 1: John Hopkins Professor expects US herd immunity by April. Remember how quickly SARS disappeared? Fingers crossed. This past week we have highlighted QuantumScape $QS the solid state battery play, and did so again Thursday, and we “found the short” as they say. The heated email from a client arrived in response with 10 minutes. “It’s a joke.” He was referring to valuation. But in this

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Morning Sankey

The Texas crisis is a negative demand event. Just as the market began to realise that, we got a bear kick from commentary of coming Biden Administration negotiations with Iran. We think Iran resumption of higher exports is a 2022 event, but resumption is clearly a market concern. The data from China is bearish on reduced travel for Chinese New Year. The Texas crisis has made it far more likely that OPEC+ adds oil around

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